The statistics for Knowledge Articles aren't updating when Feedback is provided

Version 1


    Some installs of HEAT Service Management for Premise are missing the quick action and business rule that update the statistics for Knowledge Articles when Feedback is provided. 

    The missing quick action is "Calculate Rating" on the Frs_Knowledge business object.
    The missing business rule is the "Calculate Ratings" triggered business rule on the KMFeedback.ArticleFeedback business object.

    The following steps detail how to add these two functions back into HEAT to calculate Knowledge Article feedback statistics correctly. 




    The quick action must be made first. This is on the Frs_Knowledge business object:

    The field expressions are as follows..

    CountFeedback - $(ChildFold("FRS_Knowledge#",  RecId,  "KMFeedback#.",  1,  "+"))
    CountHelpful - $(ChildFold("FRS_Knowledge#",   RecId,   "KMFeedback#.",   "(if IsArticleUseful == true then 1 else 0)",   "+"))
    CountNotHelpful - $(ChildFold("FRS_Knowledge#",   RecId,   "KMFeedback#.",   "(if IsArticleUseful == false then 1 else 0)",   "+"))
    UserRating - $(CalculateUserRatingAvg())

    Make sure to check the Action Setting Auto-save option "(Automatically save changes when action is run in UI form context.)"

    Then go to business objects, and on the KMFeedback.ArticleFeedback business object add a Triggered Action rule as follows.

    Now the "Article Feedback" should update the counts for Helpful and Not Helpful as intended.