'_valid' fields issues in 2016.1.1

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     '_valid' fields issues in 2016.1.1

    For example - if the Package modified the Incident object - the Incident 'Owner' relationship to Employee gets changed from 'Owner' to 'Owner_valid' - and stops working as the 'Owner_valid' field is not a true field that can be used.

    --Any field that the type was changed will end up with an empty value when creating a new record for that object.

    --Certain Validated field relationships are being changed to their '_valid' equivalent as a result of a Package Push. What object the Package 'touched' is the object that has the field changed - the act of pushing the Package is changing these fields, not the Package itself.

    --After push from STG to UAT, FRS_Approval.Owner field displays email (value field) instead of name (display field)


    In 2016.1.1 , " _valid" field's field type changes to simple after a package push which causes this behavior.

    There is a work around to fix these field types back to what it is before package upgrade by applying the delta package "ITSM2016.1.1_Cloud_Patch.MetadataPackage"

    This package will need to be run after each time a package push is performed until this issue is fixed in 2016.2 code.