Time out errors when performing a universal search within GoldMine on any workstation

Version 1


    A universal search within GoldMine results in Time Out errors,  the search works on the next attempt.  The issue may be related to SQL Server is set to use a dynamic port for TCP/IP traffic and Windows Firewalls within the network are not set to have that port opened.


    Frontrange recommends that you research how to manage the default static handshake port for the SQL server:   http://support.microsoft.com/kb/823938.  1. Open SQL Configuration Manager on the SQL server 2. Expand SQL Server Network Configuration 3. Highlight Protocols for MSSQLSERVER (or the instance of the installed SQL server used) 4. Right click on the TCP/IP Protocol and choose properties 5. Click the IP Addresses tab 6. Remove the dynamic ports for each IP address and set the desired static TCP Port (1433 by default)