HEAT Discovery - Agent tasks stay in Pending status and expire after some time

Version 1


    Agent Tasks which got created for the central gateway are staying in "Pending" status and then change to "expired" after some time,

    For Example tasks of type : Deploying client agent , run agentless scans


    There appeared to be an error in the Gateway record configuration.

    Uninstalling and reinstalling Gateway server (making sure to download an installer linked to the correct OU) and then updating ClientId of the Gateway record in the Database meant that new task were processed successfully by the Gateway server.

    Scripts used

    -- Get client Id from CI record
    select RecId,ClientId,* from CI where Name= 'TTW2K8DIS'

    --Check Client Id in Gateway record
    select ClientId,* from Gateway

    --Correct ClientId on Gateway table
    UPDATE gateway set ClientId = '564DA9E3-621029C0-B5872654-DCFC9873' WHERE ClientId = '42277E7E-E4A31980-87509215-410BD931'