How to modify or hide the 'Service Options' heading on the Parameters tab of Service Requests

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    Is there a way to change or remove the "Service Option" label that automatically appears on the Parameters tab of Service Requests?



    You can add a Category as the first item on the request form, and give it the title you desire to see there; 'Service Option' is the default if there is no initial Category. For an example you can review the OOTB offering 'Desktop Computer Loaner' and note that requests submitted using that offering have the text 'Requestor Information' instead, which is due to the initial Category configured in the request offering 'Design Request Form' tab.

    There does appear to need to be some text as a header, since it defaults to 'Service Option' if you do not add a Category control to the top, but you can make it 'invisible' by naming the Category:


    As this is the HTML character entity for a single space.

    Note that these characters will still be displayed if the Request is printed; if you plan on consistently using the 'space' html code to blank out the Category header, you can make the following modification to the Print Service Request report (in the query in the ServiceReqParam Dataset in ServiceReqMain.rdl):

    In the SELECT statement, replace:



    CASE WHEN ServiceReqTemplateParam.DisplayName = ' ' THEN '' ELSE ServiceReqTemplateParam.DisplayName END AS DisplayName,