How to delete a Closed development package

Version 1


    We created a configuration set package in Staging, but have decided not to promote it to Production. However, since the package was Closed, the deleted button is disabled. Is there a way to remove it, or any negative impact to doing so?



    It is OK to go ahead and delete the unused package. By default, the Delete button is disabled when the package is in a closed state, but you can modify the expression that controls this behavior using the following steps:

    Log into the Admin UI
    Select Business Objects
    Select Frs_Ops_Package
    Select Layouts
    Select Frs_Ops_Package
    Select GridView
    Select the Edit button next to the toolbar area
    Select the Edit pencil next to the Delete button
    Select the Advanced tab
    Delete the Disabled expression
    Save the button, the toolbar, and then the layout

    At this point you should be able to delete the package. You may wish to replace the Disabled expression, to help prevent the possibility of accidental deletions of closed packages in the future.