Dynamic default value for date parameter not set correctly on HEAT report

Version 1



    I have a report created via BIDS with two parameters, startdate and enddate. Each date is set to a default value;
    =DateValue("1 August 2016") for startdate and =Today() for enddate.

    When the report is uploaded and run, the startdate displays correctly but the enddate is set to an unexpected date of "10/8/2016", the date the report was first configured, when I would have expected "16/8/2016" i.e. today.



    The date parameter is not going to be able to be dynamic in the application. If you have a need to set it manually, you can maintain a separate version to do so, but for a version that always defaults this value to the current date, I would advise removing the ‘enddate’ parameter from the template entirely, and substituting a hardcoded getdate() reference into the SQL query in its place.