Error when trying to download HEAT Discovery files

Version 1


    When trying to download files from Configure Application > HEAT Discovery, and clicking on any of the files, you receive an error:

    Client installer download failed: the ClientRequestBaseAddress property is not configured for 'TenantName'. Error code: IMInstallerClientRequestBaseAddressConfigurationException

    Note that the exact verbiage of the error above reflects attempting to download the Client Installer -- The exact verbiage will vary depending on the exact download.


    This error occurs when the Inventory Management module of HEAT has not been fully installed and configured. Please see the InstallDeploy guide for full instructions on completing this installation and configuration.

    Note that this is still true, even if you see files available under the install directory. During the installation and configuration, service calls are made to the CentralConfig pool, which update the referenced property in the error, and make necessary permissions modifications.