SQL Query returns results, however when a  group is built from the SQL Query, no members are added

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    SQL Query returns results, however when a  group is built, no members are added.
    Groups show 0 members while SQL query shows matching records

    1. Tools > SQL Query
    2. Enter a query into the SQL Window
    For Example select company from contact1
    3. Click Query and verify that there are matching records in the result list of the SQL query
    4. Click the Groups tab
    5. New Group
    6. Provide any Group Name and make sure that Build the Group is activated
    7. SQL Query records
    8. Leave all other settings as default and finish the Group Building Wizard
    9. Verify the amount of members added to the contact group either in GoldMine Process Monitor or verify how many members are in the contact group

    The GoldMine Process Monitor states that 0 members were added to the contact group and the Group List shows for the specific contact group 0 Members


    - For GoldMine the unique identifier of a contact record is the ACCOUNTNO and as the original query does not have this information the 'related' contacts from the result set are not added to the group

    Make sure that the ACCOUNTNO is in your SELECT statement, For Example. for the above query


    Additional Information:
    GoldMine Technical Support cannot assist in creating and troubleshooting complex SQL queries