How to manage new CI Types in 7x

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    How to manage new CI Types in 7x




    To add a new CI type,use a definition set to add a business object: 


    Add it to an existing group: 

    Pick the CI

    Ensure it is a master object: 

    Note that this may not make it display in the New>CI> menu in the full client, and instead, show in the New>More>CI> menu:


    To move this to the New>CI> menu in the definition set do the following

    Go to Definitions>Roles

    Edit the role you want to make the change for

    Go to the “New & Search Menus” tab, and click on Add Business Object:

    Add your object here. It will now display under the “normal” New>CI> menu in the full client.

    On a final note, if you observe that you have problems with a specific CI type from the context of another object (for example, the Asset tab in an Incident record):

    You may need to edit the Incident layout in a definition set, and open the Tab Container Properties for the asset tab, and ensure that the CI type is checked on the layout tab: