How to gather the GoldMine Mobile logs for troubleshooting?

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    How to gather GoldMine Mobile logs for troubleshooting?

    When experiencing any unexpected behavior with GoldMine Mobile application itself a GoldMine Mobile log file is created, which can often help to identify the underlying error or reason for the unexpected behavior.

    The GoldMine Mobile log file will not record IIS errors


    1. Verify on the GoldMine Mobile installation path the existence of a Log folder or create it as a folder called Log under the \GoldMine Mobile\ folder
    2. Make sure that EVERYONE has Full access rights on the folder

    3. Browse to the GoldMine Mobile installation path and make a backup copy of the file web.config
    4. Open the web.config with Notepad

    5. Search for the text <appender name="RollingFileErrors" and then scroll down to the <Level Value=" This by default should be set to "INFO"
    6. Change the value to "DEBUG" or "ALL" so that the whole line may then look like

          <level value="DEBUG" />

    7. Save the web.config
    8. Verify again the behavior
    9. In the Log folder there should be now a GMMobileService.log file with recent changes
    10. Review the file or provide the log file to your IT Team or FrontRange Solutions Partner or provide this log file back to FrontRange Technical Support on request or when submitting a new incident.

    Make sure also to review / provide the Event Viewer logs from the current machine as it may contain further information related to the actual experienced behavior.