How to gather GoldMine API logs for troubleshooting in GoldMine Premium Edition?

Version 2


    When any application, add-ins,  add-on accesses GoldMine via it's API there can be setup API Log files on the testing machine in order to identify possible unexpected behaviors of the feature/application.


    These API log files record also information when using Outlook Integration and GoldMine Mobile (GMME) and you might be requested to setup and provide also these log files.


    Please keep in mind that GoldMine Technical Support cannot assist on any inquiries which are related to applications, add-ins or add-ons where GoldMine is not the Developer, but also in those cases the API logs may be helpful for the troubleshooting partner or developer




    1. via File Explorer verify/create on the root folder C:\ of the testing machine the following folder




    >> make sure that the folder is not write  protected or that all users have full access on and within the folder as otherwise  the folder and/or the files in it remains blank when testing


    2. perform test/actions (prevent as much additional activity as possible)
    3. Close the tested application(s)


    >> in the GMAPIlog folder there will be then 3 files available




    4.  review the files or provide the log files to your IT or partner or  provide the log files back to us on our request or when submitting a new  incident
    5. Rename the folder to GMAPILogs_test once it is not used anymore

    Make sure to provide a short description what test you have performed



    - make  always sure also to review / provide the Event Viewer logs from the  current machine as it may contain further information about / related to  the actual experienced behavior

    - GoldMine API logs should always in addition to the primary log files / information be provided, means when trouble shooting GoldMine Mobile unexpected behaviors the primary log files is the GMMobileService.log file and the GoldMine API logs will only serve as an additional resource.