How to remove Approval requests orphaned after a Change record has been deleted

Version 1


    When a Change (or any other record with approvals) has been deleted by the administrator, it can potentially leave behind Approval records that can then never progress, and apparently cannot be removed. It is possible to remove these records, after a minor change to the configuration of the Approval layouts.


    To delete the orphaned approvals do the following: 

    1.  Log into the Admin role.
    2.  Select Configure Application.
    3.  Select Business Objects.
    4.  Search for and open FRS_ApprovalVoteTracking.
    5.  Select Layouts.
    6.  Select FRS_ApprovalVoteTracking.
    7.  Select GridView.
    8.  Click Edit next to toolbar.
    9.  Drag the Delete button up to the toolbar.
    10.  Save the toolbar.
    11.  Save the layout.
    12.  Return to the client side and refresh (F5).
    13.  Select More... and choose Approval Vote Tracking.
    14.  Highlight the appropriate record (the Name should have the Change number in it).
    15.  Click the Delete button in the header.
    16.  Confirm.
    If you need to do the same for Approvals (the object level between the parent object and Approval Vote Tracking), you can follow the same steps, but for the FRS_Approval object.