Upgrading GoldMine from earlier product versions to GoldMine Premium.

Version 1


    It is very important to upgrade GoldMine correctly, and through the correct versions so that key database changes are made.   So by example if you are running GoldMine 5.5 you can not just upgrade straight to Goldmine 6.7, you must first upgrade to 5.7 and then upgrade to 6.7.  


    If you are running a GoldMine version older then 4.00.9922, you must upgrade first to 4.00.9922 and from this version you will upgrade to GoldMine 5.70, followed by upgrading to GoldMine 6.7

    IF you are running GoldMine 5.0 or 5.5, you must upgrade to GoldMine 5.7, and then to GoldMine 6.7

    IF you are running GoldMine 6.0 or 6.5, you must upgrade to GoldMine 6.7

    Once you have upgraded to GoldMine 6.7 (Standard or Corporate Edition) you can then upgrade to GoldMine Premium Edition 9.00.102.  Please note that in order to upgrade to GoldMine Premium Edition you need a new product license, if you do not have one call our Customer Care team for assistance.

    Once you have upgraded to Gold Premium Edition 9.00.102, you can then upgrade to the latest version available.

    Before upgrading:
    1) If you have remote users or sites, have these users and or sites sync one last time before upgrading.   Then instruct all users and or sites to stop sync processes and services until the upgrade for all locations has been completed. In most cases it will be faster to setup new un-docked installation of GMPE, instead of repeating the upgrade process on every un-docked machine.

    2) It is recommend to purge all GoldMine logs older then 30 days from the application.  This will help reduce the time it takes to backup and to upgraded the database.

    3) Run maintenance on your GoldMine database, for a dbase database use the "Rebuild\Repack options of the GoldMine Maintenance Wizard.   For SQL databases, use a SQL maintenance plan to rebuild the database and it's indexes.   

    4) Take a final backup of your dbase database files or SQL database, along with a full backup of the GoldMine folder.

    5) If you are upgrading through several versions, you should backup after each upgraded completes.  Further you should open GoldMine and check that your data is accessible and that no data has been lost.  If you encounter a problem with your data, DO NOT upgrade to the next version.  Errors must be resolved before moving on, otherwise you may loose data that can not be recovered later on.