Blank contact list when trying to add a contact to an activity via GoldMine Mobile activities module

Version 1


    GMME 2014.1.0.662 (Hotfix 4 and below)
    GMPE 2014.1.0.468 (Hotfix 4 and below)

    GoldMine  database with at least 100 records without a Contact value Primary  and\or Additional

    [Steps to Replicate]
    - Open GoldMine Mobile Edition
    - Activities > Click the Button to create a new Activity
    - Select the activity type For Example Appointment
    - Click the Button to Add Contact

    [Expected Results]
    - As there is no Contact value, the Company name should be shown the same as in the ALL Contacts list in the Contact search
    - The search functionality should find the correct results

    [Actual Results]
    - Upon opening the Add Contact Screen you get a white screen with lines, but no contacts are shown in the list

    - Entering a search criteria for a valid contact shows "No data available"


    This has been logged to RM under Issue #220719
    Please use the below suggested alternative functionality

    - Click Contacts > ALL Contacts
    - Search for your contact For Example Gary Collins
    - Open the Contact
    - Click Pending Activities
    - Click the Calendar\Schedule Button
    - Select your activity type for Example Appointment
    - The activities will now automatically be linked to the active contact record.