There is a field named "Record" on the summary tab; the value for every record is "n/a" - usually this indicates a data issue - what needs to be done here?

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    The GoldMine database has been upgraded through many versions of GoldMine and from a dBASE back-end to a SQL back-end.  There is a field named "Record" on the summary tab; the value for every record is "n/a" - usually this indicates a data issue - What needs to be done here?


    In older dBase versions of GoldMine the record counted the amount of records (also included deleted records until a rebuild was done) so it was more a count of rows in the CONTACT1. In SQL this is not possible anymore >> the expression simply does not work on SQL and this field will always display n/a in SQL  ltrim(str(recno(),9,0)) + ' of ' + ltrim(str(reccount(),9,0))  On newer installs of GoldMine Premium Edition this field is not available anymore by default and the only reason the field is present is because GoldMine was upgraded from a version where the FIELDS5 table entry still contained the field.   Generally this should be left as is without worrying about it. If removal is truely desired then it would require deletion in the SQL back-end which the GoldMine Support Desk does not support.    NOTE: The infomation below is provided for information purposes only.  This is not suggested to carry out as there is no real impact of the "Contact" field in the summary tab.  If the steps below are carried out they should only be done by a GoldMine Solutions Partner or qualified IT professional that has both SQL experience and GoldMine experience.  1. Make sure that a full running backup is available of the GoldMine SQL database(s). 2. Log all users out of GoldMine.  3. In SQL Server Management Studio browse to GM database >> browse to FIELDS5 table  4. New Query 5. Enter:  Select * from FIELDS5 where viewid ='000002' and RECTYPE ='F' and LABEL ='Record' 6. Execute (red exclamation mark)  7. Confirm the desired entry is returned 8. Change to a DELETE statement (1 row will be affected) 9. Log in again in GoldMine and verify that the Record field has been removed.  Please keep in mind that this back-end manipulation is not sync aware and may need to be applied also on undocked systems and site systems separately.