Maximum number of licensed users are currently logged into GoldMine message when starting GoldMine although there should be available licenses

Version 4


    Maximum number of licensed users are currently logged into GoldMine message when starting GoldMine although there should be available licenses


    It  is confirmed that there should be further licenses available e.g.
    - by verifying that the amount of available users should be higher than the actual really logged in users
    - any undocked users (named license on the GoldMine system) or GoldMine Site seats (reduces the available amount of licenses on the GoldMine system) are considered
    - any logged in GoldMine Mobile users are considered


    Verify that the License itself shows the expected amount of licenses

    1. Log into GoldMine with Master rights

    2. Tools >> Configure >> License Manager

    3. Make sure that the Total shows the correct and expected amount of users





    GoldMine sessions and locks a license in the FLAGS.BIN file >> The behavior can be caused by the FLAGS.BIN not releasing the license properly when a user 'logs out' of GoldMine or GoldMine Mobile e.g. when GoldMine crashed or something similar.


    - per GoldMine session the primary related GoldMine entries are
    b. Flags.bin
    c. SyncLock.bin


    - per GoldMine Mobile session the primary related GoldMine entry is
    a. Flags.bin


    The best is to let all log off and
    >> either reboot of the application server which is usually not possible during the day
    >> or close then any further open sessions/file on the application server open shared files management

    Verification of open files on the GoldMine application server

    1. Informing all users to save their work in GoldMine and close GoldMine and related applications like Outlook
    >> After a certain acceptable time that all users could save their work and log off
    2. Start screen (Windows 2012 Servers) or Start >> Search programs and files (Windows 2008 Servers) or Start >> Run (Windows 2003 Servers) >> enter compmgmt.msc (Computer Management Console)
    3. Expand System Tools >> expand Shared Folders >> browse to Open Files 
    4. If applicable Refresh Button
    5. Recommended to verify the remaining open GoldMine related files with the specific users/machines if GoldMine is really closed
    6. Close all remaining GoldMine related entries or at least the open files
    a. Flags.bin
    b. SyncLock.bin
    7. Close
    8. Let all users log in again in GoldMine as license count allows or as necessary


    Additional information:
    - The Flags.bin will be occasionally not properly released e.g. when GoldMien crashed on the client  
    - Open sessions/file management via the user interface on Windows Server Operating systems >> the GoldMine application server's Windows  Operating system provides also the possibility to start the Open Files  Management via the User interface but they are usually different per  Windows Operating system, therefore the Resolution steps referred to the 'short cut' which is valid on all current supported Windows Operating systems

    a. Windows 2012/2016 Servers:
    1. Server Manager >> Tools >> Computer Management or alternatively Start >> Administrative Tools >> Computer Management
    2. Expand the tree System Tools >> Shared Folders >> Open Files


    b. Windows 2008 Server:
    1. Start >> Administrative Tools >> Share and Storage Management
    2. On the right Actions Pane >> Manage Open Files


    c. Windows 2003 Server:
    1. Start >> Right Click on My Computer >> Manage
    2. expand the tree System Tools >> Shared Folders >> Open Files


    NOTE : If all the above does not work follow these steps.

    1. Have everyone logout of GoldMine

    2. Verify everyone is out of GoldMine.

    3. Once everyone is logged out of GoldMine (including the Master account)

    4. Backup the Flags.bin file and move it out of the GoldMine directory.

    5. Have everyone log back into GoldMine.

    6. Retest.