Is it possible to setup GoldMine Automated Processes as a Windows service?

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    Is it possible to setup and run GoldMine Automated Processes as Windows Service, similar to GoldSync without a Windows user necessary to be logged on the machine?  Currently every time GoldMine is closed, accidentally by a GoldMine user, after an automatic reboot of the machine (e.g. after automatic Windows Updates being applied) or after sessions timed out, the scheduled processes won't run anymore.



    - This is logged as Feature Request # 218687

    - From a GoldMine Technical Support Service perspective we can provide a possible workaround which may not match the whole desired functionality but might be able to reflect the most important things like starting again when the Application server / machine is rebooted.

    >> Please keep in mind that the following is only a generic workflow suggestion and it is only provided as-is without any warranties of any kind.

    >> Such an implementation should be tested prior, by applying to a production system and in the beginning monitored if the results are expected.


    1. Record a GoldMine macro which starts the Server Agent within GoldMine
    1. This should already be tested within GoldMine for a correct functionality; please keep in mind that macro recording should be done solely with key strokes and not with mouse movements)
    b. After recording, identify the macro number in the GoldMine shared folder e.g. the section header in the USER.MAC file
    2. Recommended to test the macro by adding it to the command line switch m for running a macro when starting GoldMine on the Desktop icon >>  "C:\Program Files (x86)\GoldMine\gmw.exe" /u:master /p:access /m:802

    3. When the tests were finished successfully >> setup a Windows scheduled task with appropriate settings / adjustments e.g.
    a. To run again after a reboot,

    b. Wait to start for e.g. 3 minutes (so that everything will be up and running before executing the windows task)
    c. Include the GME.exe command with the command line switch m for running a macro when starting GoldMine >>  "C:\Program Files (x86)\GoldMine\gmw.exe" /u:master /p:access /m:802

    4. It is recommended to test the Windows scheduled task