Nothing was found in your search: text contains "####"

Version 1


    When doing a search using the search text box:

    You may get no return for your search, even though you know that there are valid records. 

    Example from demo data:
    You open the CI object and see listed Workstation1 and US-W01399. You then use the search box do a search for Workstation1 which returns a valid result but, when you do a search for US-W01399 the message occurs that nothing was found.

    This could be caused by the Full Text Catalog for the database.


    To rebuild the ftCatalog in SQL:

    1. Expand the database (HEATSM)
    2. Expand Storage
    3. Expand Full Text Catalogs
    4. Right Click ftCatalog and choose Rebuild
    5. When prompted with "Do you want to delete the full-text catalog and rebuild it?" select OK.
    6. When this is complete the status will show as Success.