Where Can I Find the Information Which of Our Automated Processes is Attached to All New Contact Records?

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    We have a lot of automated processes and I wanted to assign a new setup automated process for new contact records, but I am getting a message:  "Another process is already selected to be attached to new records. Do you want to select this process as the default process for new records?" 

    Before doing this I would rather like to know which automated process is at the moment assigned to be attached to new records but I cannot find it in the TRACKS table and clicking through every single process is very inconvenient.

    Where do I find the information which of our Automated Processes is attached to all new contact records?


    Per GoldMine system, one automated process can be selected to be attached to new contact records, this information is stored as NewContactAP=TRACKNO in the GM.INI in the [GoldMine] section - the entry may look like this


    The automated process can then be identified in the TRACKS table with the following SQL Query -
    replace the value for TRACKNO with the information from you GM.INI

    Select * from TRACKS where TRACKNO='100007' and RECTYPE='B'