GoldMine is closing for users without any error message after 1 minute

Version 1


    Users are reporting that GoldMine is closing without any error message after 1 minute.
    What and where can I start to look why this happens?


    When GoldMine closes without any error message, then most likely the force logout when idle for a certain time is set by the GoldMine administrator. Once this setting was set higher than 59 minutes and confirmed (e.g. to 75 minutes) there is a known issue within GoldMine that the setting might be reverted to 1 minute when the original setting was checked and confirmed with OK rather than Cancel.
    - this is RM issue 206445


    1. Log into GoldMine with master rights
    2. Tools >> Users' Settings
    3. Highlight a user
    4. Button Properties
    5. Button Forced Logout ...
    6. Active Log out user and terminate GoldMine when idle for a period of time + set the when idle for minutes to 75
    7. OK
    8. Verify the setting again for the specific user as in steps 1. - 5.
    9. The When idle for minutes appears to be reverted to 1
    10.If now the OK button is pressed accidentally
    >> RESULT: the original setting with 75 minutes is overwritten and the forced logout is now set to 1 minute

    - Simply press Cancel in step 10 as this will not change the original set 75 minutes
    - If the setting was accidentally reset to 1 minute then change it again to 75 and don't touch the Forced Logout button anymore unless the setting shall be changed by intention