Graph does not display properly in 'Incident Customer Rating' report

Version 2


    The Weekly Customer Satisfaction Chart is found in the upper right of the 'Incident Customer Rating' delivered report.  There is a known issue with this chart which makes it possible for some data categories to either not be displayed, or show up as NULL.


    An error in the report will result in queried categories showing up as blank or NULL if any of the reported categories are not used.  A corrected template in .rdl format is attached to this article.  This can be uploaded by users with the Report Manager role on your tenant. The template will be corrected automatically for tenants generated in the future (most likely 2014.3 and forward).

    Here are the steps to update the report:

    1. Download the attached .rdl file from this knowledge article (Incident Customer Rating - Updated 7-4.rdl)
    2. Log into your tenant using the Report Manager role
    3. Select the Report Templates workspace
    4. Click Upload Report
    5. Set the report template name to 'Incident Customer Rating - Updated 7-4'
    6. Where it says select a report, browse to the incident customer rating - Updated 7-4.rdl file on your computer
    7. Save
    8. Click OK
    9. Select the reports workspace
    10. Click the edit pencil next to 'Incident Customer Rating'
    11. Change the report template to 'Incident Customer Rating - Updated 7-4' (if it does not appear on the list, try refreshing using the F5 key)
    12. Save