How to require user input when status is changed to "Waiting for Customer" (7.x)

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    How to require user input when status is changed to "Waiting for Customer" (7.x)



    1. Open the Service Management Administrator.
    2. Open a new Definition Set
    3. Navigate to Definitions > Expressions.
    4. Click New, and select Script:
    5. Name it “Global – Status Changes”, and paste the following OVER the existing code:

      import System
      import Fusion
      import Fusion.Api
      class FusionScriptWrapper implements IScriptWrapper
                function FusionScriptWrapper()
                          // place constructor logic here
                function Process(currentBusinessObject : Fusion.Api.BusinessObject, currentField : Fusion.Api.Field) : Object
                          var objReturn : Object = false;
                          var fldStatus: Fusion.Api.Field = currentBusinessObject.GetField("Status");
                          if ((fldStatus != null) && (fldStatus.OldValue != null) && (fldStatus.OldValue != fldStatus.Value))
                                    objReturn = true;
                          return objReturn

    6. Click OK. Close the Expressions window, and Commit.
    7. Make a new Business Rule on Incident:

    8. Under Trigger Options, create a new trigger:

    9. Finish, and click OK.  Go to QuickAction Options, and create a new QuickAction:

    10. Click New.
    11. Select Create Child Record.
    12. Set it to use “Notes (Incident and Activity History)”

    13. Set the following values:

      Category: Memo
      Subject: Changed Status to Waiting

    14. Select “Notes”, and click 
    15. Select Function, Prompt, and User prompt. Drag that over to the edit area

    16. Complete the dialogue box as appropriate:

    17. Click OK until you are back to the business rule center. Close the business rule center.

    When Status is changed to Waiting for Customer, the user will be prompted for the reason:

      And add a note: