How to capture Approval notifications in the parent object's Activity History tab

Version 1


    How to configure the application so the parent object (Change, Service Request, etc) displays any emails sent or received in the approval process in the Activity History tab.


    This can be achieved by creating a rollup in the parent object's layout. This will not work out of the box without additional configuration.  You may either add a relationship between Journal and  FRS_Approvalvotetracking or use a child panel on Service  Request (for example) that references Journal.Email directly, instead  of Journal.

    For example, for Service Request, you would;

    First, create the relationship between FRS_ApprovalVoteTracking and Journal:

    1. Log into the Admin UI
    2. Select Business Objects
    3. Select FRS_ApprovalVoeTracking
    4. Select Relationships
    5. Select Add New
    6. Select Journal
    7. Set the Internal Reference Name to FRS_ApprovalVoteTrackingAssocJournal
    8. Set the key on the Journal side to Parentlink
    9. Click Add this Relationship
    10. Save

    Now modify the Service Request Layout:
    1. Select Business Objects
    2. Select Service Request
    3. Select Layouts
    4. Choose the layout for the role you're using
    5. Select FormView
    6. Click on the Journal link under Object in the  Activity History row
    7. Choose Use both Direct  and Rollup relationships
    8. Click Add New Rollup Sequence
    9. Check Show  Rollup Records by Default
    10. Click the green plus and select FRS_Approval
    11. Click the Green plus again, and select FRS_ApprovalVoteTracking
    12. Click  the green plus again and select Journal
    13. Save  the change
    14. Save the layout

    Now, when you refresh and open a Service Request record, any emails sent from or to an associated Approval record will be displayed in the Activity History.