Operations Console User Guide for HEAT Service Management 2014.1.1.[Uploaded File]

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    This document is intended for system administrators who will be installing and using the HEAT Operations Console to manage tenants and data migration.

    This document is not intended for customers who use HEAT Cloud and who want to request a data migration. For complete information about the data migration process and how customers can request updates, see the Customer Data Migration Guide for HEAT Service Management .

    This guide is aimed at the following three types of users:

    Premise: The system administrator for a premise organization that has purchased, installed, and configured the HEAT Service Management system and who needs to migrate data between tenants. This particular system administrator works only on the HEAT Service Management system for his organization.

    MSP (managed service provider): The system administrator for an organization that manages the HEAT Service Management system of several other organizations. This system administrator manages the HEAT Operations Console for several organizations. This customer is also called a FrontRange Solutions partner.

    Cloud: FrontRange Solutions customer service managers who manage tenants for customers using HEAT Cloud.

    This document contains the following sections:

    HEAT Operations Console Overview: Describes the HEAT Operations Console and includes a terminology list and instructions for installing and logging in to the HEAT Operations Console.

    Performing Administrative Tasks Using the HEAT Operations Console: Contains information about working with users, system settings, and the audit history.

    Using the HEAT Operations Console to Configure Landscapes: Explains how to create and manage landscapes.

    How to Create an Initial Production Tenant: Describes how to create and initially configure tenants.

    Migrating Tenant Data: Contains the following information:


    • How to create the first configuration on a tenant.
    • How to update an existing tenant configuration by migrating data between tenants.
    • Which items are excluded from data migrations.
    • Example scenarios for several data migrations.




    Please see Operations Console User Guide for HEAT Service Management 2014.1.1. attached