How to create a new extension business object?

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    Extension objects are an extension of an existing business object like CI.  You may need to create additional extensions to a business object to meet your organization requirements.  This will use the CI business object as an example, but the following steps can be applied towards all extension objects.


    Here are the steps to add a new extension business object.

    1. Log into the AdminUI
    2. Click on Business Objects
    3. Under 'Create an Object' click on 'New Object'
    4. Click the link that says 'Extension To Existing Business Object'
    5. Click on 'CI'
    6. Fill in the Suffix Name, and Description
    7. Click on Save
    8. Click on Auto Generate UI to have it automatically create a form, grid and layout for you.  At this step you can also manually create the form, grid, and layout.
    9. Save the business object

    You have now created a new extension business object associated with CI.