Error: System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException  received upon attempting to access a survey

Version 1


    A user receives an error, akin to the following, when accessing a link to take a survey:

    Error: System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request. ---> WebSurvey.ContextSubmitException: <error type="context_error"> <error_message>Requested object could not be found</error_message> <error_context> <survey id="survey" /> </error_context> </error> at WebSurvey.WebSurveyData.VALIDATE_OBJECT(FRS_Survey survey) at SaaS.SurveyProxy.SaaSSurveyController.getSurveyByStepsByTenantId(String tenantId, String surveyTitle, String PageIndex, Boolean check_uniq, String ot, String oid, String SSID) --- End of inner exception stack trace ---

    Note that depending on your browser, you may receive a popup with only a part of the stack trace:



    Surveys are sent by a business rule which sends a notification. That notification includes a URL. The construction of that URL includes a reference to a global constant DefaultSurveyName:

    This error occurs when that global constant is set to a survey name which no longer exists (has been deleted).  The resolution is to update the global constant value to the name of the current/active survey.

    Note that this can be confirmed by the URL, which will include a reference to the Survey Name attempting to be accessed: