GoIdMine encountered error accessing the database.  The failed operation was SELECT is_broker_enabled FROM sys.databases WHERE name = ‘xyz'  The error description received from database server is invalid object name 'sys.databases'.

Version 1


    After upgrading from a version of GoldMine prior to GMPE 9.0.4 that is running on MSSQL 2000 or below an error message will be experienced and the database upgrade will NOT complete. .




    When performing  the database revision, some changes require that the Service Broker is  enabled for the GoldMine database and a query for checking the state is  submitted. As there is no object sys.databases in Microsoft SQL server 2000 and below  this leads to the experienced error message. 


    Upgrade the database back-end to a supported version of Microsoft SQL Server
    Please see knowledge articles #12210 and #12153 for compatible versions of Microsoft SQL server.