Export details of host machines software is installed on

Version 1


    How to develop a quick action which allows you to view all host machines and what software is installed on these hosts



    1.      Login to Heat as admin

    2. 2 Select Configure Application

    3.     Select Users and Permissions

    4.     Select Roles and Permissions

    5.     Select Top Level Tabs

    6.     Select Add New Tab

    7.     Add new object workspace as follows:


    Add a relationship to allow you to view host machine details for example serial number.

    22   Select business object ci.computer

    10.  Select relationships

    11.  Select Add New

    12.  Create a relationship between ci.computer and FRS_CIComponent.InstalledApplication as follows


    13.  In Heat front end refresh and open Installed Applications Workspace

    14.  Select Action Menu

    15.  Select Edit Actions

    16.  Select Create New Action

    17.  Select Export to Microsoft Excel

    18.  Select Fields to Export

    19.  The Value Expressions I used are as follows:

    Name: $([SoftwareIdentity#.FRS_CIComponentInstalledApplicationAssocSoftwareIdentity]SoftwareName)

    Manufacturer: $([SoftwareIdentity#.FRS_CIComponentInstalledApplicationAssocSoftwareIdentity]Manufacturer)

    Computer: $([CI#.CIAssociatedFRS_CIComponent]Name)

    Software Type: $([SoftwareIdentity#.FRS_CIComponentInstalledApplicationAssocSoftwareIdentity]SoftwareType)


    20.  Save quick action and test