How to receive an email with the result of the LDAP Import Log

Version 1


    This article describes how we can configure HEAT for receiving a daily copy of the LDAP import log.


    The LDAP Import Logs are stored in the object LDAPImportLog. Usually, we would create a triggered action or a workflow in this object for sending the notification once a record is added, but particularly this object works in a different way so we cannot use that functionality.

    However there is an alternative solution. Please review these steps:

    1.- In the application, open the "LDAP Import Log" tab and create a new saved search as in the screenshot, that will show the logs created the same day:

    2.- In the AdminUI, expand "Automation Tools" and open the Quick Actions. Then click on "Show all objects" and look for LDAPImportLog, and click on "Add/Edit".

    3.- Create a new "Send Email" QA. This example sends the email body with the following expression, but it could be any combination:

    $("CreatedDateTime: " + ToString(CreatedDateTime) + "
    " + "LDAPDirectoryName: " + LDAPDirectoryName + "
    " + "NumberOfImportedRecords: " + ToString(NumberOfImportedRecords) + "
    " + "NumberOfFailedRecords: " + ToString(NumberOfFailedRecords) + "
    " + "Error: " + ToString(Error) + "

    " + "LogEntry: " + LogEntry + "/p>")

    4.- Open the AdminUI, Workflow and Workflows, and in the "Schedule Entry" object look for one named "LDAP Sync" or any other that is being used for running the LDAP Import. Before the "Stop" block ad a new "Run for Search" block and configure it for using the saved search created in the Step 1 and the QA created in the Step 3:

    Save the workflow and publish the new version. Everytime the LDAP Sync is executed using the workflow an email with the same days logs will be sent.