Can I set a default Dashboard for users, when they start the GoldMine Dashboard feature?

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    Can I set a default Dashboard for users, when they start the GoldMine Dashboard feature?

    The GoldMine Administrator setup a certain business important Dashboard (Business Figures) and this should be loaded by default once a user is starting the Dashboard Feature (for example the most important business figures etc.)
    Is there any possibility to set this to default for a or even all users?

    1. Go to >> Dashboards
    >> DESIRED RESULT: The Dashboard Business Figures should be always loaded regardless if the user ever had any Dashboard open or what the user was using as last Dashboard


    - GoldMine will store the latest opened Dashboard for a user within the database, which means it is not possible to set a default dashboard for one or several users to open by default when the Dashboard feature is opened by a user
    - The related setting in the database for the last opened Dashboard is in the table ENVIRONMENT, column NAME='DashContainer' and USERID='MASTER' (replace with specific GoldMine Username)

    Additional Information:
    - while GoldMine Technical Support does not support or recommend to delete any ENVIRONMENT entries via the back end without a proper justification
    - in case it is advised to delete the NAME='DashContainer' row for a certain USERID due to a specific experienced unexpected or undesired behavior, we recommend also to consider also the NAME='dash-a certain recid' e.g. NAME='dash-H3CK39L#KWW6 W<' for this USERID. The recid in 'dash-H3CK39L#KWW6 W<' is taken from CUSTVIEW table and refers to the specific Dashboard name. Please keep in mind that this is only a recommendation and no necessity,  for re-setting the last opened Dashboard only the NAME='DashContainer' row is important