The SYSDIR entry in the GM.INI randomly changes, for example after a power failure or when the machine was powered off before being completely shut down.

Version 1


    The usual path of the SYSDIR entry in a GM.INI is the shared path to the GoldMine system (where the LicenseGMxx.bin resides)

    It may occur - root causes are not yet determined, but sometimes recognized after unexpected power failures or when the machine was powered off without appropriately shut down, that the SYSDIR entry is modified and shows different paths, GoldMine Usernames or completely unrelated or random values.

    for example
    - The change that occurred was a directory being appended to the end of the SYSDIR entry

    - The original, and correct, SYSDIR entry is \\<server>\<sharename>\
    - After the corruption, the SYSDIR entry reads \\<server>\<sharename>\macros

    When GoldMine is then started the next time it may request
    - Either to select the a database alias

    - And/or to re-register GoldMine again with the license number

    - And/or simply to fail not finding a license for the GoldMine system



    - When this occurs, the ONLY recommended solution is to edit the GM.INI file using Notepad.exe and correct the SYSDIR entry.

    - Any consideration to prevent this from happening in the future to make the GM.INI read-only is not supported by GoldMine Technical Support and while it is possible and will prevent such a corruption in future, we absolutely recommend not to set the GM.INI as read-only as:
    - Yes the corruption should stop.  However:
    - Making the GM.INI read-only is at the customer's risk, and NOT supported by GoldMine Tech Support.
    - Changes are not possible (and will be ignored) from within GoldMine anymore when a GoldMine administrator wants to change global settings.