Exporting Rules from Heat Messaging Center

Version 1


    Exporting, Moving or backing up Heat Messaging center Rules.
    In version  9.5.0 and prior, the rules are stored in the processor config file, and cannot be exported
    As of 9.5.4 they can export the rules and load Imported into the Heat messaging center.
    Exporting and Importing rule provides a Backup function as well as an easy way to move rules from test to production, or to a New server.


    Open the Heat Messaging center,
    in the Left panel, Click on the Processor, usually at the top of the tree with a Cog looking Icon next to the Name,
    To the right in the main panel views,  click on the Messaging Rules Tab, click on the Individual Rule or the top of the rule tree,
    Click on the "Export Rules" button near the middle right portion the panel,
    Now Specify the location of the exported file and name, Congratulation your rules have been exported.

    To Import the Rules,  click the Import Button near the Export Rules button and select your rules file from the drive or other file source and Import.