How to embed a Youtube video in a Knowledge article

Version 1


    This article describes an easy method for embedding video in a Knowledge article, but it could be used in any other business object.


    1.- Create a field in the FRS_Knowledge BO for storing the Video's URL

    2.- Create a second field where we are going to store the code for the embedded video, in this case as an HTML field:

    3.- For example, in the object FRS_Knowledge.IssueResolution, create an Editing Business Rule for storing the embedded content

    $(if nvl(VideoURL, '') == '' then '' else
    '<iframe width=480 height=390 title=Video src=' + VideoURL + ' frameborder=0 allowfullscreen></iframe>'

    4.- Following with the Issue and Resolution, and both new fields to the form. The VideoURL must be a Text field, but the VideoEmbedded field must be a HTML Viewer control (Label Pos - On the top). The height and the width depend on the values configured for the iframe as it must be in a the same proportion:

    5.- Add a valid Youtube URL to you an Issue and Resolution article and check the behaviour

    The same procedure can be used for the other types of Knowledge articles, except that the fields already exist. The video can also be embedded in any Self Service form in the same way than in the step 5, using an HTML Viewer control.