Autopopulating the Configuration Type when the Configuration Item is selected on the Incident window

Version 1

    If you have the Configuration Item on the Incident Window and want to populate it with the Configuration type, please carry out the following:



    NOTE: Before carrying out these instructions, I would recommend that you try this out on a test system initially, check you are happy with the results, then roll the changes out to your LIVE database. When making the changes in your LIVE environment, please ensure that you have a full working backup of your database - and that all users are out of Console and the serviceportal. If there are any issues, restore the database backup you took immediately prior to making the changes.


    1. Within Window Manager, Expand Incident Managment & rightclick on Incident. select Business Object Copy Rules.

    2. Within the Copy Rules configuration window, expand Incident Management & rightclick Incident & select New Rule (If you have something here already, stop here and let Support know).

    3. Within the Rule editor, fill out the Description (I tend to try to make it something logical) then in the Target field, click on the Select Attribute and select ConfigurationItemType by doubleclicking on it in the tree then clicking OK.

    4. Within the Source field, click the Select Attributes button and locate ConfigurationItem.Class - at this window you need to drag & drop this to the right pane. Click Ok & leave the checkbox "Always execute rule" checked.

    Now exit this and still within Window Manager open the Incident window. Select the Configuration Item and look at it's configurable properties. Copy Related (at the very top under the Configurable Properties heading) needs to be set to TRUE.