How to modify the Service Request Progress tab in Self Service, specifically to enable Email display in addition to Notes.

Version 1


    The Service Request Progress in Self Service displays Notes attached to the record, but by default does not display Emails. Previous to 2015.2, this tab was not configurable. In 2015.2 and onward, the tab is configurable as described in the Resolution section.



    Making modifications to this self service view is a bit complicated. This tab is not directly updateable, but as of 2015.2 it is possible to replace it.

    Essentially you would need to create a new Form on the ServiceRequest object that looks similar; with a Related Items Control in the top half that displays Notes (and now Emails as well), and then an Attachment Control below that:

    By clicking on the Flex settings in the Configuration section of the control, you can add Journal.Email to the control:

    You would then set the main form of the ‘Service Request Progress’ layout to the new form (or create a new layout if you are using the Service Request Progress elsewhere).

    Once this has all been configured, you would then make the following change to the Self Service role;


    1. In the Admin UI, select User Permissions -> Roles and Permissions
    2. Select Self Service
    3. Select Top Level Tabs
    4. Select MyItems
    5. In the middle section under My Items Configuration, click on the Configure link next to Service Request
    6. On the right side of the popup, change the Request Offering parameters to ‘Business Object Form’ and ‘Service Request Progress’ as below.



    At this point, the Service Request Progress tab should look the same, but now also include Email records.

    You can make any text or formatting adjustments to the form required to make it look identical to the original.