How to constrain Owner by OwnerTeam on Task

Version 1


    Task Owner list is not constrained when selecting an OwnerTeam

    For example: When you select a team in the Task form - all possible users are brought back and not the users that are in that selected team.



    If your Owner pick list in Task is not bringing back the selected Team's users - please follow the steps below. 

    1. Log in as Administrator
    2. Go to Configure Application
    3. Go to Business Object   
    4. Open "Task.Assignment"
    5. Go to Fields
    6. Open "Owner" field
    7. Select "Edit" Next to the pick list name
    8. In the first field, following the formatting logic [BusinessObject#Relationship]Field .... add [StandardUserTeam#.Rev2]Team to the first field then ensure "Equal to" is selected, and finally input $([ValidationList]OwnerTeam) into the last field.


    9. Click Save
    10. The Owner is now constrained by the OwnerTeam value.