Unable to navigate through the webimport script generator, the NEXT button does not work

Version 1


    - When using the Script Generator page for Webimport that lists all of the fields that can be selected, you select a number of fields, but clicking the Next button does nothing.
    - The same happens when editing an existing profile. Clicking 'Reset the form also has no effect'.


    This issue appears to be caused by Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration.
    What  we would recommended would be to disable Internet Explorer Enhanced  Security Configuration for Administrators and then run GoldMine elevated (Run as Administrator option, when launching the product) or performing the Webimport configuration from a different workstation and not directly from the Application server.


    Please keep in mind that the following steps are only provided as-is without any warranty.

    To Disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration do the following

    1. Close any Internet Explorer browser windows that you might have open.
    2. Open Server Manager
    3. Click Configure this local server to open the Local Server configuration page.
    4.  In the Properties area, next to IE Enhanced Security Configuration,  click On to open the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration  dialog.
    5. To allow members of the local Administrators group to use  Internet Explorer in its default client configuration, under  Administrators click Off.