HEAT PatchLink DeskTop Connection Guide

Version 1


    This article lists information needed to configure HEAT PatchLink DeskTop Server to connect to HEAT Cloud Services and standalone HEAT PatchLink DeskTop Plug-Ins




    The HEAT PatchLink DeskTop (HPL DeskTop) Server requires connectivity with HEAT Cloud Services to download the PatchLink DeskTop Catalog and other data used for operations. This knowledge base article lists the URLs that the HPL DeskTop Server must have connectivity with to access HEAT Cloud Services, as well as the ports that are used for communication. This article also lists other connectivity requirements used for the HPL DeskTop Plug-In.


    Your firewall should be configured so that the HPL DeskTop Server can access the following URLs. Consult your firewall documentation for information on how to make these configurations.

    HEAT Cloud Services

    To enable communications with HEAT Cloud Services, open inbound and outbund connectivity with the following URLs (and ports).\

    • cloudapi.lumension.com:443
    • cache.lumension.com:80
    • lumstorage.blob.core.windows.net:443

    3rd-Party Content

    To download 3rd-party packages, HPL DeskTop needs access to some additional URLs (and ports). Enable connectivity based on the content you need:


    NOTE: Some or these URLs may direct communications to port 443 or other URLs.

    HPL DeskTop Plug-In

    If you've installed the HPL DeskTop Plug-In on a standalone SCCM Console so that you can use HPL DeskTop remotely, both your HPL DeskTop Server and your standaloneHPL DeskTop Plug-In should be to communicate with each other TCP port 60065 (2.1, 2.2) or 60064 (2.0).