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    Text to Speech  Voice Specifications,
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    Install at least one TTS engine for each language in which you want IPCM to generate dynamic prompts
    (for more information, refer to Prompts on page 111). IPCM switches TTS engines automatically if a
    situation occurs in which one TTS engine does not provide the necessary functionality. For example, if you
    have a TTS engine that does not support Russian and another TTS engine that does, IPCM switches to the
    TTS engine that supports Russian if IPCM needs to generate a Russian prompt.
    You can install TTS engines before and after installing IPCM. If you install several TTS engines for one
    language, set one TTS engine as a default for that language:
    1 In the Management Portal, click System Configuration>Voice Server>Advanced
    Configuration. The Voice Server Advanced Configuration page opens.
    2 Click the AppServer tab.
    3 In the TTSSpeaker drop‐down list, select the voice the TTS engine will use as the default.
    • The options in the TTSSpeaker drop‐down list depend on the TTS engines installed and listed
    in the Windows Speech Properties dialog box: on the Text to Speech tab, you can specify the
    desired Voice selection option. Then, in IPCM, select the Use System Voice Selection option
    in the TTSSpeaker drop‐down list to utilize the Windows setting.
    • If you install a TTS engine after installing IPCM, you must restart the voice server for the TTS
    engine to appear as an option in the TTSSpeaker drop‐down list.
    4 Click the Update and Commit Changes buttons to apply the change.
    5 Launch the Management Console (Start>Programs>FrontRange Solutions>Communications
    Management>Management Console) and restart the voice server:
    a) Right‐click the Voice Server icon and select Stop Application. The icon turns red, indicating
    the server has stopped.
    b) Right‐click the Voice Server icon and select Start Application. The icon turns green,
    indicating the server is running.