Are SR external offerings tracked?

Version 1


    When you select an external offering, no history is created, is this the expected behavior?


    External offerings are not tracked. 

    It's a redirect to the external site when you click on the offering, with an option of 'where' to serve the site (new tab, in pane, etc).

    There are a few things you may be able to consider to get some logging.

    Depending on your resources, it may be worth making a light API connector that is tied to your external offering. That connector would call back to our application when an external offering is created, inserting the data. You could create a new business object and then use the CreateObject() API function to add the items.

    You can pass HEAT related information in the URL, so you can use that info on the API callbacks as well.

    When an external offering is created, a recid is still generated for that individual item, which can be passed in the URL. 
    This allows the connecting external offering knowledge of the offering being requested by use of the RecID. Which, in turn, would allow you to use a single external offering connector for multiple offerings. 

    The external offering would decide what it needs to offer the user based on the external offering recid HEAT is passing to it.