How to allow cancel change vote approvals and set the status to Logged

Version 1


    In some cases, users may need to edit a change record and re-log the request for approval.  There is no functionality within the Change approval workflow to allow for deletion of existing approval votes.


    The best solution for this case is to create a composite quick action that sets the status of the change to logged and also to run a child quick action to cancel or delete the pending approval votes:

    1. Click Configure Application
    2. Click Automation Tools > Quick Actions
    3. Click the Add/Edit link next to the Change business object
    4. Click the Create New tab at the top left of the screen
    5. Chose the composite quick action item in the left menu pane
    6. Enter any name or description for the action desired
    7. In the Add Action drop down, choose update object
    8. Click the plus symbol to add the action to the composite 
    9. Choose the status field in the Field drop down
    10. Add the value of Logged

    11. In the Add Action drop down, choose Run For Child
    12. Click the plus symbol to add the action to the composite
    13. Choose the ChangeAssociatedFRS_Approval relationship in the Relationship drop down
    14. In the action to run, either create a new quick action to delete the votes or use the out of box action Cancel FRS_Approval

    15. Publish the action to the desired roles and save the composite quick action
    16. Verify functionality against a test change record