How to Get Report Templates from HEAT for editing in BIDS

Version 1


    In our STG tenant, we have 2 report templates; AgedTasks 15 days and 30 days, but the "HEAT Reporting -" downloaded from Knowledge does not have this 2 reports.   How can I get it to modify? And also others that are not in the "HEAT Reporting -" file.



    You can download any report template from the HEAT application via the following steps;

    Log into the Report Manager role
    Select the Report Template workspace
    On the far right, there is a green download button for each template

    To add the template to your Report Project in BIDS, onpen your current Report Project
    In the Solution Explorer on the right, right click on the Reports folder
    Select Add - Existing Item
    Browse to the downloaded .rdl file and click Add
    The report will now be in the list of Reports (initially, at the end)