Callers are receiving error "483 Too Many Hops" or hearing "Too many hops" message.

Version 1


    This article provides reasons why too many hops error is received by caller.



    Causes for this error/issue:

    1. Problem on Inbound Lines

    2. IVR Port license has been exceeded

    3. Number of Inbound lines (if it has been limited) has been exceeded.


    4. Dial plan in an "infinite loop". Incoming calls should have a prefix manipulation that inserts a 501 in front of number which hands off to IVR (Voice Server). In which case the incoming number may be routed back to SIP gateway (who sent the call) and in-turn the gateway sends it back to IPCM. Effectively the call is sent back and forth between IPCM and SIP Gateway until max-forwards value in SIP header is met.

    5. In Management Portal > System Configuration > SIP Soft Switch > Trunks/Gateways > Voice Server > "Static SIP Port" field, this field is empty and should be set 5070.