HEAT LiveTime : How to delete requests, and/or remove from active filters

Version 1


    This article will show how to delete requests in LiveTime after first attempting grouping the requests and closing the group. The group closing steps are only required if it is possible that the requests only need to be closed if the goal is removal from active queues.



    Requests can normally be deleted by Supervisor user at the bottom of the request in edit mode by clicking the Delete button.

    If the request can't be opened by uses for some reason, try the following:

    1 - Search for the specific requests or request that needs to be Closed.
    2 - In the list view, check all requests, and then click the Link button above to group the requests.
    3 - If the requests are not already part of a group, they will be grouped, click the Group link which shows up on all lines here.
    4 - At the Group page, click Edit, scroll to the bottom, and click Close.
    5 - Click Done.

    On active filters these requests will no longer show in the active list views. If this doesn't work, or you have any issue with the above, you can run the following query on the LiveTime database to flag requests as deleted there. Once the query has been run, the request will no longer show up in LiveTime. Note: Replace ###### below with the incident or ticket number needing to be deleted.

    Flag an incident as deleted:

    If any question on the above, or for any further help, please contact [email protected].