Where to update ITSM 7.1.2 when migrating email servers

Version 1


    When looking to migrate the current Mailbox for ITSM to a different server, what would you need to change on the ITSM App Server after the migration has taken places?


    This applies to all versions of 5x, 6x and 7.0.2 and later.

    The only places that you need to update for the new email server information are as follows:

    1. Service Management Administrator > System Settings > Notification Settings (this is outgoing messages).
    2.  Service Management Administrator > System Settings > Server  Settings > Messaging > Listener / Invokers > *Listener (this is  for incoming messages)

    Once you have updated the new mail server  information and saved the changes, you should restart the FrontRange  Messaging Service, FrontRange Solutions Escalation Engine, FrontRange  Solutions Workflow Engine and World Wide Web Publishing services for all clients and services to see the new changes.