Send Notification when Assignee Value is Changed.

Version 1


    Is it possible to send an email to the Assignee, if the Assignee value is changed on an existing Assignment?


    This is possible through an AutoTask and security configuration, but is not possible through BPAM.  BPAM does not have the ability to see field level changes and the many to one relationship of Assignments to CallLog causes configuration issues when using the "When a ticket is changed" template, because the focus of BPAM is on the CallLog table and not the possible multiple Assignment records.

    To accomplish the sending of an email on Assignee value changes:

    1.  In the Administrator module through either an Edit Set or Quick Customize, make the Assignee field Read Only.
    2.  Add a button to the Asgnmnt form linked to an AutoTask that does an Update Call action using the @ValidatedPrompt for the Assignee value.
    3.  Commit/Apply these changes.
    4.  Add a second action of Send an Email to this AutoTask configuring the TO: line to send to the Email field on the Asgnmnt table.

    End Results:
    Any selection of an Assignee value, either on a new Assignment or an existing Assignment, the end user is forced to click the button in order to select the Assignee value.  This button prompts them for the Assignee which should auto fill that Assignee's email address.  The AutoTask then sends that Assignee an email letting that person know they now have an Assignment.

    Most HEAT database configurations have the Assignee field constrained by the GroupName field.  If this AutoTask also needs to populate the GroupName before it can select a valid assignee, add an action using @ValidatedPrompt for the GroupName prior to the prompting for the Assignee.

    If the GroupName should not be changed then IF logic can be built into this AutoTask that checks for the existence of a GroupName value, if it exists, then prompt for the Assignee.  If GroupName does not exist, prompt for GroupName first, then the Assignee.