How to add number of Tasks to an Incident Grid

Version 1


    This would allow user to see the number of related Tasks within an Incident grid, a dashboard, a search and reporting.  *The below steps assume the relationship IncidentAssocTaskAssignment exists on the Incident, which should be a Zero or 1 to Zero or Many relationship where Incident.RecID = Task.Assignment.Parentlink


    1. Create one new field:  • Number called TaskCount that is 3 characters with no precision 2. Create one new business rule/trigger on Incident based on the following events: • On Insert • On Update • On Creation of a Specific Relationship ie. IncidentAssocTaskAssignment  • Rule Action • Update Object • Set TaskCount to $(ChildFold("Incident#", RecId, "Task#Assignment.Rev3", "$(iif(Status == 'Cancelled',0,1))", "+")) 3. Add the new field to the Incident Grid 4. Save and refresh the browser