Can Tab Order be Configured to Switch from the Subset Table to the CallLog Table?

Version 1


    Can tab order be configured to switch from the Subset table to the CallLog table?


    This is possible by adding a Command Button that does a Jump To Control into the Subset tab order.

    1.      Launch the administrator module and open a new quick customization.

    2.      Go to the subset form and add a command button.

    3.      Link this button to a new AutoTask.  The action of the AutoTask is a Jump to Control selecting the CallLog.CallDesc field (or   whatever field should be next in the tab order).

    4.      Reset the subset tab order setting the button as 2nd in the list.

    5.      Apply the quick customization.

    6.      Login to call logging and create a new ticket.

    7.      Enter the CustID information and hit the tab key.  This should put focus on the command button.

    8.      Hit the enter key to invoke the command button and the cursor should now have focus in the CallLog.CallDesc field.