iGoldMine Error: Login failed because of a licensing problem

Version 1


    Error:"Login failed because of a licensing problem" for iGM 2014


    Steps to get the permanent license for your iGoldMine server:  1.            Go out to the following link rehost your iGoldMine license to another MAC address. You will need to fill out the form with all of the correct information:  http://license.graphon.com/license/FrontRange/?mode=rehost  2.            When the new .LIC file is sent to you, please do the following:  a.            Log into the iGoldMine server  b.            Open services (Start>>Administrative tools>>services)and stop the iGoldMine Application Publishing Service and iGoldMine licensing service  c.             Browse out to the following path on the customer’s iGoldMine server (assuming they are running a 32-bit OS) C:  \program files\Frontrange\iGoldMine\Programs\  d.            Rename the current .LIC file to .LIC_OLD2  e.            Copy the .LIC file that was sent to you from GraphOn into this “Programs” folder  f.             Now restart the services from step b. above  g.            Test